Michele On The Issues

First and foremost, I pride myself on being accessible and responsible to the people I represent. You can reach me directly via email at Michele@VoteFiore.com.

As your city councilwoman, I will fight to…

  • Stem Las Vegas’ exploding crime rate
  • Restore lower taxes and create pro-growth economic policies
  • Eliminate laws that hinder economic growth and job creation
  • Limit the damaging effects of state regulations upon the private sector
  • Improve financial transparency of government entities
  • Defend our Second Amendment rights
  • Encourage job creation
  • Ensure that taxpayers get the most for each dollar spent by government
  • Improve education outcomes in schools
  • Keep our parks great



My principle campaign pledge is to support the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in reducing crime across the valley.

I will work with every interested party to ensure that the police have the resources they need to fight crime effectively. It is unacceptable that crime doubled in the Valley between 2015 and 2016. Collaborating together toward a steep reduction in our crime rate will be my first priority on the city council, if elected.


Las Vegas enjoys world class public leisure facilities that provide an array of amenities to enhance the quality of life. I will work diligently with my colleagues on the Las Vegas City Council to ensure that we maintain our parks and recreation facilities at the highest caliber while ensuring the most efficient and transparent use of taxpayer dollars.


The government should be accountable to the people and work toward improving the quality of life in our community. You can count on me to work tirelessly to improve utilities that touch the residents of Las Vegas, including garbage removal, water and energy supplies.

I will always support measures that are fiscally responsible and work with colleagues on the city council to bring an even greater degree of transparency to the workings of City Hall.


As a business owner, I have employed more than 1,800 Las Vegans over the life of her business. I believe Las Vegas can and should be a leader in emerging industries that will create good paying, stable jobs.

I have worked with leaders across the political spectrum to promote economic development in Nevada. I have partnered with Labor Unions, the business community, nonprofit groups and other elected leaders to bring jobs and reinvestment to Nevada and has worked to bring new and expanded business to Las Vegas. “I will continue to support and work with leaders to bring jobs to Nevada that help our community truly get back to work.”


I know first-hand the challenges of being a business owner in Nevada and will always work to reduce the regulation and taxation that hinders Nevada’s job creators and business development.

Nevada has transformed from the model for a business-friendly state to a state that many businesses avoid because they can’t predict what the tax and regulatory climate may be in the future. I will never support measures that undermine businesses’ confidence in Nevada.

While in the legislature, I opposed Question 3 (also known as the “Margins Tax”) and the Commerce Tax. I have received A-ratings from the Nevada Policy Research Institute for both of her terms, in large part because of my unwavering commitment to fiscal accountability and government transparency.


Our children are our future, and we need to ensure they receive the best education possible. If elected, I will continue to support meaningful reforms that keep more money in the classroom and give parents more input in their children’s education in whatever capacity I can.

Every parent should have the ability to choose the educational option that meets their child’s needs. I support Education Savings Accounts as a way to make sure money isn’t the obstacle in the way of student achievement.

Nevada students are diverse and need a diversity of options in education. Charter schools have demonstrated they provide a higher quality academic environment, so parents can prepare their child for a better future. I will support legislation to increase the number of charter schools and their ability to access resources
I will oppose measures that force federal criteria on Nevada schools. Our workforce is unique, and our high school graduates’ needs are very different.


I agree with the Nevada Constitution, “Every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms for security and defense, for lawful hunting, recreational use and for other lawful purposes.” I fully support the rights our Second Amendment guarantees under the United States and Nevada Constitutions and I will oppose all efforts to limit our access to guns for self-defense or any other lawful purpose.