Response to RJ’s Investigations: Fiore’s campaign, PAC spend 6 figures on ‘constituent outreach’

March 18

I support Councilwoman Fiore’s hyperactive commitment to her job as a city councilwoman, board member for the LVCVA, Nevada Republican National Committeewoman, and mother of 2, grandmother of 6, and best friend to many.

She juggles an unbelievable schedule, working hard to improve her neighborhood communities and Ward 6, traveling extensively to establish relationships that will prove to increase tourism to Vegas significantly having been appointed to the LVCVA board in February 2018, all the while raising funds to support her community events like her Easter Egg hunt, Cinco de Mayo, 4th of July celebration, Halloween trunk or treat, and Christmas family events just to name a few of the events she hosts to bring Ward 6 together.

I am no one of consequence, just a friend that feels like I won the lotto when I do get to spend 10 minutes speaking with my friend because Michele’s normal schedule starts at 6 AM and often ends around midnight if not later while working, attending functions and then meeting with constituents and usually ends the night returning phone calls, or text messages and emails to anyone that she wasn’t able to respond to during the day.

So, if anyone wants to question where she spends the funds that she has personally raised, I recommend you just check out the email she sends out semi-monthly outlining her rigorous schedule.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all our council members and commissioners in the Vegas Valley would have this kind of commitment?

Best regards,

Annette Fiala


(702) 555.5555

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